weaving courtesy of Ruth Saunders

About Us

The Guild nurtures the fibre crafts of spinning and weaving, and encourage other crafts such as felting, dying, knitting, crocheting where fibres can be used.

Meetings include demonstrations and hands on activities, as well as problem solving in the many facets of the use of fibres. (e.g. reading patterns)

Workshops are arranged on a regular basis and have included: basket weaving, weaving, spinning silk, felting and many more. Major workshops are conducted by experienced fibre artists on a fee paying basis. These are available to members, and to non members who may also be required to pay a membership fee to participate. (See further details under "event information")

Miniworkshops/demos are held during meetings, usually free or may involve a small fee to cover consumables supplied by the demonstrator. (See further details under "event information")

Visitors are always welcome.

So come join us to learn or enjoy any of these crafts, or even to just have a “yarn”.

Membership is available on a yearly basis, with membership fees becoming due on 1 January each year.